Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A quilt finished and a quilt top!

I've been spending quite a bit of time in the sewing room of late...

My Thimbleblossoms Red Letter Day blocks went from this...

To a quilt top

I sent my Mary Mary Quilt, a design by the lovely Janelle Wind, off to Sarah at Patchworks Plus to be quilted, and she did such a beautiful job with quilted birds and birds cages, which I think suited the Tilda fabrics perfectly :) I spent last weekend doing some speedy binding as I had the perfect spot for it to hang on the wall.

Here it is just inside my front door...makes the perfect welcoming quilt I think!

Hope you have found time to do some craft as well!

Bye For Now



Sunday, June 29, 2014

I have a Thimble blossoms addiction!

I have enjoyed the week making some Thimbleblossoms blocks
This one is a mini Round and Round

Here it is all finished with borders

Putting the final borders on my Mary Mary quilt...a design by the lovely Janelle Wind

The intention was to just make one of the Red Letter Day blocks, but they really are so much fun to make! I have made 3 so far!


As you can see I have spent a bit of time in the sewing room:)

Bye For Now



Thursday, June 19, 2014

Such a good day...

Such a great day today, I had to share with you all! My new eyes arrived today in the post, can't believe how much better I can see now! Lol

Lots of frames to choose from at Specsavers, but decided on these

Had to model them!

I decided that before I stipple quilt my Mary Mary quilt, that it should have a practice first, so decided to finish off my Tilda Wallhanging that I started some time back (ok a couple of years back) lol!

Also, here's my crochet blanket so far, nice on chilly nights to work on this:)

Bye For Now



This week...

No crafting for so long and now I've been bitten by the crafting bug...big time!!! Lol! I've made a start on the lovely Janelle Winds Mary Mary quilt

I had to hang my design wall and one small block was made

The blocks make up quickly

And before I knew it, this happened!! Lol! Such a fun quilt to make, just need to add the side borders. Next time I post I hope to have it all finished:) I managed to work on my crochet blanket too, so will share that one next time.

Bye For Now



Thursday, June 12, 2014

Some Stitching, cooking and stonework

Life has been pretty busy of late, but I have managed to do a bit of designing and stitching, I have noticed that my eyes seemed to be a bit more strained these days, so I'm off to see the optometrist tomorrow, so hoping some new specs will make stitching easier:)

All my favourite colours in this one!

I make this sweet potato concoction whenever I get a chance as I love it! Just baked sweet potato, red capsicum, add fresh thyme when cooked and toss through rocket or baby spinach and top with marinated feta, it really is yum and healthy!

I have been spending a bit of time at our block as we gave now decided to build there. As we have lots of stones already on our property, I thought I would try my hand at building with just dry stone. Starting off small, I stoned around an old bath that I'm growing a few veggies in. I'm pleased how it turned out and it hasn't fallen down so that's a good sign:)

Hope to return again soon



Saturday, April 5, 2014

Long time no post!

Sorry for such a long absence, my sewing mojo seems to be missing and I felt that I had nothing of interest to share. I have been doing a bit of crochet over the last few months

I finished off my pink and white crochet chevron blanket

And last weekend it turned really cold so I whipped up a crochet beanie, I also made one up in cream
A cream crochet scarf, I also made one in blue for a friend

And this is my latest love...my new bike! Lol! I recently upgraded my bike and have been bike riding everyday now for 78 days! And the bonus is I've also lost a few kilos doing something I really enjoy and feel so much healthier!

Hope to return again soon:)



Monday, September 23, 2013

Sew Serendipity dress

Very quiet here on the sewing front, I did make myself a dress from Kay Whitts Sew Serendipity book a couple of weeks back

I love vintage fabrics, so much nicer to sew with

It really is hard doing selfies, but here I am modelling my new dress, so comfortable and I already have plans to make another

Thought it looked better with my butterfly necklace

Here's a few vintage fabrics that arrived in the post on Friday...they are so pretty!

Bye For Now



Thursday, August 22, 2013

Macarons and a bit of sewing!

I have been trying to think what I have to share since my last post, I have been busy but not with much sewing! I did however spend some time in my sewing room this arvo...which was so enjoyable! I made my first lot of Macarons earlier this week and they were a huge success! Chocolate and Chai...yum!

A very quick project this morning was to add some floral trim to some hand towels...gotta love such a easy quick project:)

And completed this afternoon was my July stitchalong project...Natalie Birds designs are such a joy to make!

Now to start August project...so I had better get busy!

Bye For Now