Thursday, July 5, 2012

My sons chopping board...

I love it when my kids bring their handy work home from master 12 in Grade 7, bought home his chopping board that he had made in wood work...and I love it! Full of rustic charm and fits right into my county kitchen! All seasoned with Olive oil and he is very keen for me to use it!

My new lamp all lit up in the pleased with my new purchases from my last post!! My little bunnies are still on my bed from Easter, but I think they are quite happy there!lol!
Friday quickly it comes around! I am working for some of Sunday, but still hope to get some sewing finished off this weekend!
Bye For Now!
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Jo in TAS said...

You'll have that chopping board forever!

Anonymous said...

what a lovely son you have and what a wonderful idea,ohhh i love your home.xx

Leanne said...

I love it to when my boys bring home their wood work projects, My middle son in year 8 made me a cheese board tray, He did a really good job, They are very special works of art.