Saturday, October 20, 2012

Flowers and a new toy

How quickly these weeks seem to be passing and it's hard to believe it's been a week since I last only felt like a couple of days

a few flowers from my nice to have some roses start to open

we have been undecided over the last couple of years whether we should buy an expresso coffee you get the same barista quality of coffee at home as you do in the coffee shops???? And we love a good coffee here, so on Friday we took take the plunge and purchased a expresso coffee machine. And th results were amazing, and our flat whites were the same if not better than coffee shops!!!

so heres the new toy...with a built in coffee grinder. They do tell me that the secret to a good coffee is the freshly gound coffee

and tonight tea...peppered prawn steak with homemade chips. Can you tell we like a good steak here!lol!

Enjoy your weekend!
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Anonymous said...

gorgeous vase of flowers Lisa and wow you should be running a resturant,that meals looks so yummy.xx

Maddy said...

Beautiful flowers your garden must be lovely.

Susan said...

When does your cafe open?? Lovely to have so many of your own flowers too.

Leanne said...

Oohhh your dinner looks yummy. the coffee maker is awesome. I'm with Susan, when does your cafe open.

Deb R said...

Ohh your dinner yum yum, we have one of those...but I get my hubby to make me chai lattes lol

marina said...

lovely flowers. If you are a lover of good coffee why not have the best at home.
when can we come over for dinner and a coffee? dinner looks delish!

Helen said...

The flowers are just beautiful.

We have had a coffee maker for some years now and we love it, yes freshly ground coffee is the best.... enjoy.


Wendy said...

Your flower arranging is gorgeous!