Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Checking in...

Hard to believe that it's been over 3 weeks since I last posted...I have had a few computer issues but hopefully all is fixed now.

The roses are all in full bloom

even the vegie patch is doing well...this pic was taken a week ago and the tomatoes have grown heaps since then 

Last week I went with my sister to her newly purchased  house and property. The gardens are just beautiful!. I love this stone shed next to the vegie garden and could see it being the perfect back drop for a quilt photo shoot

This is one of the garden paths...we removed the biggest Diosma shrub on the right of the path. Yes wished I had done a before shot

The previous owner left behind some of her artwork...isn't this lovely?? This Kookaburra is painted on one side of a terracotta pot and a Cockatoo the other
I am sure that Jane will share more photos of her beautiful garden once she gets settled in.

Bye For Now
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Anonymous said...

lovely pics Lisa,our veg patch is taking off too.xx

Shirley said...

Have missed you Lisa.

Cindy said...

Glad to see you back! Your sister's place looks great. Love that shed.

michpicard said...

what nice flowers and i felt emotional when looking at the kookaburra . i am French and i lived 4 years in Sydney.
thank you for your articles

Anonymous said...

Glad your back, I've missed you :). Lovely pics of a lovely garden

Susan said...

Lovely must both have green thumbs. That shed is adorable, and perfect for a quilt photo shoot.

Deb R said...

What a lovely garden, Im glad your back too!

Sweet Cinnamon Stitches said...

Your garden is doing well! The little shed came up well in your pic....and we should've taken a pic of that diosma, no-one would believe how massive it was unless they saw it.....and saw it you did....LOL!!!