Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pizza, Pies and Spring Flowers

This afternoons cooking efforts...pies and pizza's...we sometimes buy take-away pizza's as a treat, but each time we do they seem to go up in price, and as I have to buy 3, I have decided to just make them! BBQ sauce, pork, roast chicken, salami, onion (much to my daughters disgust) rocket and last of all cheese.
The pies are for my boys to take camping...chicken, onion, bacon and potatoes

A couple of snapshots from my garden...gotta love daisies and the red one is a favourite! I am finding that we still don't seem to have many bees in the garden yet...hope we get some soon to polinate the fruit trees!
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Elyte said...

Your baking looks sensational, I can almost taste it. Loved the framed wren, still my favourite.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Yum and oh so pretty....

Sue-Anne said...

I think you will find that now you are making your own pizzas, when you buy one in future, it wont taste nearly as nice. We make our own pizzas now all the time. Those pies look yummy - might have to get the piemaker out this weekend.

Your flowers are gorgeous, especially that red daisy, what a beautiful photo!

Nicky said...

Any leftovers?? Looks yummy, like the sound of your pie fillings. Love your new sketch too, you're a very talented artist.

Solstitches said...

That pizza looks better than any bought one as do the pies!
Love your latest stitchery too.