Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Christmas Ornies

These little Christmas ornaments are the very first ones I made (Before I could handstitch) All I needed was a sharp pair of scissors and some craft glue. I purchased these as little kits from a store that has now unfortunately closed down, and from memory the pattern and kit for one was $1.95!!
I went into my daughters class when she was in grade 1 (Couple years back) as parents help, and we made the little snowman...I had everthing precut and the kids had to just glue together! How cute all their snowmen were lined up...wished I had a photo!!

I hope you are all enjoying your week!

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Cute as!

retdairyqueen said...

I was just going to write CUTE but was beaten to it

Christine M said...

Those ornaments are gorgeous!

Jen said...

oh they are so cute!!! I love christmas ornies!

DAWNIE said...

They are gorgeous. I cant believe for a minute that you didnt know how to handstitch - your work is impecable.

Michelle said...

Sew cute!