Saturday, January 8, 2011


I have been finding it hard to fit in any sewing as we've starting back working on the renovations/extensions. The last few days has had me quite busy in painting doors, decking and outdoor furniture in readiness for a bbq with the in-laws last night. Today, knocking down a brick wall and removing all the the real mess has started!!

So, it was such a joy to find my first Lillium in flower and get outside with the camera for some snapshots.

Now I'm off to fill in the storm water trench...yuk! But I have to keep thinking I get a nice new sewing room, laundy, bathroom and WIR and the end of it burning off all those extra Christmas calories! Lol!

Bye for Now

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Grethe said...

Oh,how beautiful flowers,and I love the stitchery you showed earlier and the little bee enjoying being happy:-)
Heavy winter in my part of the world,cold with lots of snow!

happy rosie said...

Beautiful flowers love the smell too but hubby can not have them in the house [hay fever] have them in my garden. The mess will be worth it when all is finished'

Bev C said...

Such beautiful blooms,enjoy your work I am sure it will be worth it especially if you get to loose those calories we all seem to gain at this time of the year. I loved your garden shots in a previous post,no wonder the bees love your garden.
happy days.

Isabella said...

Love the liliums I only have a white one But I may just pinch some of Rosie's she has some lovely colours
I'm sure all your hard work will pay of in the end

loulee said...

Those lillies are beautiful.

ranette said...

Sounds like lots of work, but it will all be worth it in the end!

Lovely flowers....I miss my flowers, so thank you for the "fix".

Susan In Texas said...


ozjane said...

I had some lovely lilliums in that color in my blog recently also and back further around Nov I think I had some of those lovely hydrangea. it is so lovely to see them up to almost the top of the windows again after the drought. I must to and take a photo of a new one that I purchased called peaches and cream and it is almost the same color as the lilliums.

Leanne said...

I love your lilliums, I have some pale pink ones in my garden and they are so pretty.