Thursday, September 24, 2009

A bit of Playing...and some Painting!

I wanted to make a quick xmas cushion...this is what I came up with!

I was asked to paint some wooden spoons by our local Indoor Bowls Club, (for the wooden spooners) not sure what to paint as I didn't have much room, so I went with my favourites- gum blossom, banksia, wattle & bottlebrush! I painted the Eastern Spinebill on a bucket some time ago..I love having them visit my garden!


Melinda said...

Wow, multi talented! The spoons look great.

Wendyb said...

You are soo crafty.....I dabbled in folk art when my son was born (a looooong time ago), and did enjoy it, but ..... then he got bigger and more demanding!! I'll just enjoy your beautiful work!
;o) Wendy B

Sarah said...

Lovely cushion Lisa! And who wouldnt want to win a wooden spoon.... i would LOL
x Sarah