Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A few things in flower in my Garden...

My side Garden...where my weeping rose is in full flower, even the underplantings of Salvia is starting to flower. Not sure if you can see the honeysuckle in the background, but its perfume is just beautiful!
My favourite rose 'Peace' has only just opened...yes its very late!
Pigsface...not a very nice name for such a pretty flower!

Really hot here today, I have even had to get the lilly whites out! lol! No sewing still to show, I already sent off my SSCS to ???? Just hope it arrives safely!
I have been watching the food channel of late, and am really enjoying River Cottage...Does anyone watch it? Would have to be one of my favourites, I love how he lives off the land and uses all his fresh produce in his cooking...and then theres the beautiful scenery! I believe River Cottage is in Dorset, but please correct me if I'm wrong as I've only just discovered the show.

Bye For Now

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Fee said...

Gorgeous Pics Lisa - I have just taken some pics in my garden today too - Love your roses. I love River Cottage too - It is a great show. If you can find "Jimmy's farm" that is a great one too.

Hugs - Fee X

Shirley said...

You are correct Lisa. River Cottage is in Dorset and Hugh can be found at farmers markets not too far from where we are. Jimmy's Farm is good too. Beautiful photo's of your garden. Ours is almost devoid of colour now and looks as dull as the weather.
Love Shirley.x

Elyte said...

The roses look gorgeous. Yes, we enjoy River cottage as well. He does some really interesting things. Pity we can't taste as well.

Bev C said...

Hello Lisa,

Wonderful garden shots. I enjoy shows like that too.
Happy days.

Maggey and Jim said...

Love seeing your beautiful garden.. Winter here today.. 36 brrrrrrrrrrr.. Have a great week.

Cardygirl said...

Your garden looks lovely. I love this time of year. River Cottage is always good.

Aunty said...

Your garden looks gorgeous. The roses are stunning.

Chookyblue...... said...

so much secret sewing at the moment......

Tatkis said...

Beautiful garden! And roses with a smell - it is my dream!

Best wishes,