Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tonights Dinner!

You could say I am a pretty plain cook, but I am finding the need to try a few different recipes. I have been watching the cooking channel to find a few nice recipes, but they always seem to spoil what looks like a really good dish, by adding something weird like anchovies...something I really don't like! So, as my nephew (chef) is back in town for a couple of weeks, I have asked him for his S/Fillet and Rosti with seafood sauce recipe, and was so pleased how it turned out. It was delicious!
The other week I made a Chicken, Ricotta and Spinach Canneloni, using the herbs from my garden, even the kids liked that one! (Recipe from W/Weekly 'Mince it' book). Will take a pic next time I make it.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend

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Penny said...

Sure looks yummy!

Anita said...

Yum Lisa, I'm coming over for dinner! Kind regards, Anita.

Bev C said...

Hello Lisa,

Lovely,sounds like your nephew is a great guy to share recipes with.
Happy Sunday.

Julia said...

Looks yummo..
I'm the same Lisa, even though my son's a chef, I just cook plain meals...don't know where he got his cooking skills from, not me!
Julia ♥


Nothing worse then hairy little fish....your dish looks Scrum-diddly-umpshus!!!