Saturday, May 22, 2010

Adorable Owl Pins!

I did a swap with kraftypanda, these cute owl pins for one of my puffy purses. I just love these little guys...thankyou so much Amanda! This is the first time my Hakea has flowered...I have noticed it seems to be attracting a few different birds to the garden...which I love!
No cannot eat my owl pins!lol! We have found that Jess eats everything..fruit that has fallen from the Apple and Pear trees, and she was even pushing in the gate, to the vegie garden, to eat the ripe tomatoes! And doesn't she look guilty!lol!

I hope you all have a great wekend! I am going to get my little pot belly fired up at lunchtime, so its nice and toasty for some sewing this arvo!


Maggey and Jim said...

Love the little owls so much.. The flowers are beautiful..

Anita said...

Hi Lisa! Oh look at Jess..isn't that the most innocent face you ever did see. I love your owls, they are so cute...owls are one of my favourites. Have fun with the pot belly...our fireplace is all charged up and burning like made. Even had the chimney sweep done yesterday. Have a great weekend. Kind regards, Anita.

Fee said...

The pins are just gorgeous !!!! Good idea about firing up the heater - I am going to spend the afternoon sewing too ! Butter wouldn't melt in Jess's mouth.

retdairyqueen said...

Love those owl pins
Why is it that I never seem to find anything so cute

Sweet Cinnamon Stitches said...

Poor Jess....not letting her have an owl pin...they are sooo cute!!
Lovely Hakea...they're beautiful trees.

manda said...

Glad you like them! I remember making them now! I've made soooo many pins (not just owls!) it's hard keeping up with them all, but each owl has his own little personality, I never make 2 the same!
I love the hakea, I wish they're grow up here...too hot I think.
Jess is so sweet! Jake was like that too! He loved apple cores, grapes, and would raid the chook scraps before we gave them to the chooks! It's good for dosg to have some fruit and veg anyway, so let her have it! lol