Saturday, May 15, 2010

And Now There Are 2!

I think that they are a lot happier now...the new bumble bee comes with her very own rose scented pillow!
Chookyblue invited me to join Snappyfriends...which I was pretty stoked about! As this weeks challenge is something old, I took a pic of my favourite old house and posted a pic on the Snappyfriends blog, not knowing that it once belonged to my Great Great Aunt Kelly, as I have since been told by Mum.
Mum recalls going there as a little girl with a note from Nan, asking to borrow butter and eggs for Christmas cooking, and being invited in for afternoon tea, where a lovely tablecloth was spread out, and plates of seed cake and biscuits were on offer, a little girls delight!
This house is only used for storage now (and no longer in the family), a bit run down, but I just love it...especially now I know a little bit of its history!

I hope that you are having a great weekend...not sure if I will get much sewing done, as the kids and hubby have finally given me their cold germs!lol! Might just have to curl up with my favourite craft books!


Maggey and Jim said...

No one needs a cold this time of year.. too much to do!!Have a good weekend, Love the house

Sue-Anne said...

Cute bumblebees and I love the story about the house!

Katrina said...

Mrs Bumblebee looks so cute. Hope you are feeling better soon. Katrina x

Sarah said...

LOVE those bumbles..... And the way you took the pics look great.... Love that old house!
x Sarah
PS: Hope you are feeling better soon xxxxxxx

By Hoki Quilts said...

Your bumble-bees are just too cute, infact you have inspired me to buy the book. I want snail and bees and - oh just all of them. Come on I'm waiting for my parcel.