Thursday, March 11, 2010

Heritage Block

All the sewers in our community, have been asked to do a block for a heritage quilt to hang in our local museum.This was quite a challenge, to draw a picture from a black and white photocopy, when not all the details are clear ( couldn't even see horses bottom!) and to then stitch it. I chose to stitch it with just a black thread.
As my deadline was April and it seemed to be fast approaching, I thought I had better get a wiggle on, so its nice to finally have it finished!

This is the B & W copy I had...of a Mr Basil Bayles with his father in 1913, winning entry agricultural society show.
Hope your having a great week!


Sweet Cinnamon Stitches said...

Well I have to get a wriggle on!!

Teresa said...

This is brilliant Lisa. How cool to be a part of the heritage quilt in the museum. You've done a great job.

loulee said...

Wow, nice job.
What great idea they had.

Jan said...

What a great idea this is. I love your block. PLEASE post a pic of the quilt when it's finished.

Anita said...

Hi Lisa, who's the clever girl then? You have done really well to use black thread as it goes with the age of the photo. It gives it a simple look and is absolutely great. I hope the display is a great success. Kind regards, Anita.

Sue-Anne said...

Fantastic job Lisa! The finished quilt is going to be very interesting I'm sure.

Shirley said...

Lovely job Lisa, that is going to be one tremendous quilt.

Sarah said...

Very clever Lisa! I would have never choose to do it in black and it looks quite effective! Very old world looking!
Would love to see the pic of the quilt when it is finished
x Sarah