Wednesday, December 29, 2010

May Christmas angels watch over you....

How could I resist Nat Birds latest book 'Tis The Season? As soon as I spotted the little scrap book on the front cover I knew I had to make one! I used a different stitchery from what Nat used in the book, as I thought the little angel was so sweet and really wanted to stitch her first. The little bag in the book with hexagons is on the 'to do' list. In fact everything in the book is so cute and easy to make (which we all like)

Bye For Now

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Monday, December 27, 2010

What I sent my swap partner....

This is the quilt I made for my swap partner Tonje/Nemo for the SSCS... a mini version from Anni Downs 'A Christmas Story' book

The little ornaments from Nancy Holversens book 'Sew Necessary' book. I also included a Sally Giblin bag pattern and some fabric (but forgot to take a pic)

I have been taking it pretty easy and doing some handstitching, still have plenty of leftovers in the fridge and its so nice not to have to worry too much about meals. The build up before Christmas with 3 kids is pretty tiring, and I always enjoy boxing day onwards and can now sew guilt free! Next post I hope to have some finished projects to show.

Bye for Now

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

My SSCS Pressie!

I feel truly spoilt with what Ranette my SSCS partner made for me, as you can see it's truly gorgeous!!!

Also included was a notepad set, playing cards (with quilt designs) and a lovely pincushion

Thankyou so very much Ranette for making my Christmas so much more special and Chooky for all your organising and making it all happen!!!!

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Getting Close Now!

I have been dragging out everything in readiness for the big day Saturday. There's only going to be the 5 of us here for lunch Christmas day (unlike last year when I had 15!) The forecast for Saturday is to be about 24...which is just the right temp for me.

The little serviette holders I made last year, from Nancy Hoversens 'Santa's Coming' Book.

I won't get a chance to do a another post before Christmas, so I wanted to wish everyone in Blogland a safe and Merry Christmas!!!!

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Finally some stitching!

A quick look through some craft books last night had me itching to do some stitching! Hubby is usually given a work diary before the new year, and I usually have to buy mine and then make a fabric cover, but this year we have been given 4! Hubby will not be getting a fabric cover for his of course, so I am going to cover 3 and then choose a favourite to keep, and maybe give the others for gifts.

The little verse with the stitchery is 'Cherished memories are held in the heart forever'
I couldn't resist Natalie Birds stitchery "From the Heart' it really has some lovely stitcheries in it! This is going on the front of one of the diaries and I might stitch a couple of my own designs for the others.

When the sun comes out, out come the bumble bees! We have had quite a bit of rain over the few weeks (nothing like in other areas) enough so I don't have to water the vegies, which is good.

I am finally feeling that I am getting on top of all the Christmas jobs...which is a good thing as its only less than a week away! Lol!

Enjoy your week

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

'Tis the Silly Season!

Wish I had lots of sewing to show as that's what I really want to be doing, but most of my time has been painting walls and varnishing timber in readiness for new kitchen bench/dishwasher under the stairs. Didn't realise what a hoarder I was until I had to take everything out of our old cupboards before they were removed!

The kids have been busy at school, and it always seems that everything is crammed into the last few camp, swimming
lessons which has made the kids tired and crabby. The last day of school is tomorrow(yay!), which they spend having a picnic at the beach, and has always been a tradition even when I was at primary school.

The Christmas stockings I made a few years each for the kids.

The next couple of days I hope to make my Christmas pudding and cake...the christmas cake is made by melting the butter (same as pudding) which makes it nice and easy.

Enjoy your week

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Much Excitement!!!!

Can you imagine my excitement when I collected a parcel from the post office on Friday to discover it was from my SSCS partner and all the way from Oklahoma!!! All I could smell when I opened the box was the gorgeous aroma of mints...instead of having my pressies packed in foam chips, I had all these round, individually wrapped candy striped mints!!!

My little box of christmas also had the lovliest yo-yo tree ornament, and my parcels to go under the tree...gosh it's really is making me feel like an excited child again!!!lol!
Thankyou so much Ranette for my parcel...Already my first SSCS is a memorable one!

Also Thankyou Chooky for all the time you put into organizing this swap for us, when your life is already a busy one!

Now I have to be good and not peek! LOL!

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A few things in flower in my Garden...

My side Garden...where my weeping rose is in full flower, even the underplantings of Salvia is starting to flower. Not sure if you can see the honeysuckle in the background, but its perfume is just beautiful!
My favourite rose 'Peace' has only just opened...yes its very late!
Pigsface...not a very nice name for such a pretty flower!

Really hot here today, I have even had to get the lilly whites out! lol! No sewing still to show, I already sent off my SSCS to ???? Just hope it arrives safely!
I have been watching the food channel of late, and am really enjoying River Cottage...Does anyone watch it? Would have to be one of my favourites, I love how he lives off the land and uses all his fresh produce in his cooking...and then theres the beautiful scenery! I believe River Cottage is in Dorset, but please correct me if I'm wrong as I've only just discovered the show.

Bye For Now

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tonights Dinner!

You could say I am a pretty plain cook, but I am finding the need to try a few different recipes. I have been watching the cooking channel to find a few nice recipes, but they always seem to spoil what looks like a really good dish, by adding something weird like anchovies...something I really don't like! So, as my nephew (chef) is back in town for a couple of weeks, I have asked him for his S/Fillet and Rosti with seafood sauce recipe, and was so pleased how it turned out. It was delicious!
The other week I made a Chicken, Ricotta and Spinach Canneloni, using the herbs from my garden, even the kids liked that one! (Recipe from W/Weekly 'Mince it' book). Will take a pic next time I make it.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Am Still Here!

Life does tend to get pretty busy this time of year, with the kids getting ready to go on school camp soon...even my youngest gets to go for the first time this year (sniff!) for 2 nights! (sniff!)

On the crafty side of things I have been busy working on my SSCS and am so close to finishing.

This little snowman pot holder was made pre-blog days from one of the Art to Heart books. I like to do a post with a picture, so thought I would just share a pic of him!

I have still been busy gardening, with filling one vegie garden and now hubby is making another for me...(chook proof) I am trying a few different vegies this year. I have just purchased a Tamarillo (tree tomato) Has anyone tried one?? I have also put in lots of herbs, but have just put them amongst the flowers...just have to remember where everything is now! lol!

Nearly the weekend!

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Gardening Weekend!

I had a ball today picking out vegies for my vegie garden plus a few herbs, kangaroo paws, osteospermums. lemon tree, leukespermum and passionfruit climber. I have taken over the vegie garden this year and hope to plant them all out this weekend. I haven't had much luck with lemon trees in previous years but will try and give this one some TLC!
I have taken a few close ups of a couple of the kangaroo paws on my other blog cubbyhousegardens they have such lovely flowers...and even better they attract the birds!

I hope you all have a great weekend

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

My visitor tonight... A Masked Owl!

We were all quite excited to find this female Masked Owl on our fence only a metre away from our house tonight...alerted to us by our dogs barking. She is a lot bigger than she looks in pic and to see her silhouette when we looked out the dining window was quite a sight! I was only standing about a metre away when I took my pics and she wasn't at all scared of me...such a beautiful bird!

Enjoy your evening

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Little Chomper!!!

Having a bit of trouble with a little visitor I now have in my garden...he is eating all my seedlings that I have planted plus my Parsley and Sweet Alice. He must be quite a size after all the food he's eaten now, so I had to give him plump cheeks!

We are supposed to have a wet weekend, so I have planned to do lots of SSCS is next on the list! The weeks are just going way too quick and Christmas will be here before we know it!

Hope you get a chance for some craftiness!

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Christmas Ornies

These little Christmas ornaments are the very first ones I made (Before I could handstitch) All I needed was a sharp pair of scissors and some craft glue. I purchased these as little kits from a store that has now unfortunately closed down, and from memory the pattern and kit for one was $1.95!!
I went into my daughters class when she was in grade 1 (Couple years back) as parents help, and we made the little snowman...I had everthing precut and the kids had to just glue together! How cute all their snowmen were lined up...wished I had a photo!!

I hope you are all enjoying your week!

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

I am Still Here!

Only a few months ago I was thinking 'I am going to be more organized for Christmas this year'! And here it is fast approaching, and I haven't got anything started that I wanted too. Each year I like to make a few more Xmas decorations...but not a single one made so far! I have however made a pretty good start on my SSCS....having alot of fun with it!
I have also been doing lots of other sewing, but unable to show you what has been keeping me so today I can only share a pic of my Tilda snail and birdies in their cage, that I keep outside my sliding door under the verandah. I also found some old shop scales and have also put them on our deck amongst the plants and am just waiting for hubby to say 'There will be no room for us to sit soon'! lol!
The last few days have been really warm here...just makes me want to garden but have to get back to the sewing!
I hope you are enjoying your weekend


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A New Blog!

Something that I have been thinking about for a while now is starting a new for just my favourite flower garden pics as I seem to take so many of them! So this blog... (cubby house crafts) will be just for anything crafty and my new blog cubby house gardens will be mostly flowers from my garden, bees, bugs and of course spider webs!lol! One thing I love about my new blog already, is that I have room to enlarge my pics!

A Tilda Bumble Bee lost in my "Sweet Alice"

Enjoy your week

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Monday, October 11, 2010

A trip to the Nursery

Clare Grays Display Garden and Nursery in Bicheno (East Coast Tassie) is where we headed for a few fill in plants for the garden...just about all my plants in our garden have been purchased from here (it would have to be the cheapest place in Tassie for plants)! Clare does an amazing job for her age...and I can only guess that she would be close to 80!

Loved this little spot in her garden...just wish I had room in my garden for a little bridge!

My purchases.....


Angel Tears...wanted to have a pic of this on record so I wouldn't forget the name as there was no tag...but its has quite a striking flower and looks as though it would divide easily to make more plants!
Other purchases were a true red Marg. Daisy, Diascas, Pink Pincushion, Geum, Abunda and a trailing Petunia.

Now to plant them all, ready for the rain thats due tomorrow!!

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