Monday, March 26, 2012

Test Post...Trying to load and post via Picasa

As mentioned in my previous post yesterday, I had trouble doing a post the usual way through Picasa, so have decided to have a play with a photo to see if I can find another way to do it in Picasa...which hopefully I have if you can see a pic below of my Blythe doll!. Everything has changed so much, but have found a new way to edit photo's.

Not sure if I like how things have changed, but I suppose I will get used to it!

Bye For Now
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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Long Time no post!

It really has been a while since my last post...I couldn't even do a post via Picasa today as things had changed! So today I have had to play and send the photos via email to my blog. So I hope things have turned out!

Life has been pretty busy the last couple of weeks from making of Tomato Relish (3 lots) my son turning 15 and trips to doctors. I haven't had any time for crafting much or blogging. After my son having x rays and CT's on his arm for his 6 monthly check with his Osteocondroma (Benine bone tumour) the doctors have decided it's time to have it removed. It is now causing him some discomfort so we are now waiting for dates for a MRI and another CT, but this time with injecting the dye. So my blogging may remain a bit quiet here for the next few months.

I decided this morning that after I had all my chores done to do a bit of snapping with my camera and have a bit of a relax day! This little pitcher I have sitting in the corner of my vanity in the bathroom, I just added a few roses from my garden and some pineapple salvia...I thought it looked so pretty!

All I have madeis a few little crochet flowers that I think can be used for just about anything!

Attached to a hairclip

Even for a hair hand! I think that a group of these crochet flowers would look so pretty on the top of a pincushion!

I have plans to cook myself and hubby a nice Tea tonight...Surf and Turf both our favourite, and the kids get their favourite...Chicken nuggets lol! Maybe even some dessert, So I am off to have a look in some recipe books for some ideas!

I hope you all have a great weekend!


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sorry...but a On The Dolly Shelf post!

Sorry as I have no stitching (that I can share) ...all I have been doing is playing with dolls! I have been customising my 2 girls...Sophia and Harmony... which is giving their face a sand matte and re-apply their blusher. It had been really hard to photograph them before with such shiney faces and now it's so easy just to snap a picture and not see my reflection in their foreheads!Lol! (You can probaly see a difference compared to previous post pics) I have made heaps more dresses...
these 2 I adjusted my pattern slightly, and just used some vintage sheet fabric to test it out...but really pleased how they turned out!

the little dress on the hanger with a bluebird on the bodice is made from a vintage embroidered serviette purchased from an op shop a few years back. I also made one with a dragonfly on the bodice.

And another knitted cardi! This is a photo of Harmony after her face was sanded and before I had applied her blusher. I have also been putting some photos of my Blythe girls on Flickr and really enjoy seeing everyone elses photos of their Blythes.

I hope I haven't bored you all too much! Lol!

Enjoy your weekend


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