Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bedroom Makeover and WIR Finished

Yesterday hubby worked hard to finish off my shelving in my new WIR and I must say I am so happy with it!

A Sally Giblin cushion made some time back now has a home on our bed. I painted a feature wall behind our bed in Aqua and the rest of our bedroom in cream.

As you walk in the door of WIR...sorry the pics arn't the greatest but you can click on pic and enlarge

And as you walk inside...

A few of my scarves hanging...can you see my button necklaces Jo? lol!

My favourite Anni Downs cushion on my recently made over stool

I enjoyed going through all my shoes and hand cute in the hand bag!!!

My wedding day hair piece can now be displayed

I hope I haven't bored you all too much with all my pics...I did delete a few too as I thought I had way too many! lol!

Bye for Now!


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Friday, August 19, 2011

Very slack blogger

It's quite hard to believe that it was 2 weeks since my last blog has been pretty busy with lots of painting for me from painting walls, ceilings, inside cupboards and even sets drawers. We had the carpet laid today in our bedroom and WIR (my new aqua room)
I will be so pleased when all the building is finished, as it creates such a mess!

Last weekend I thought I should get busy and do some 'tis the season' stitching and pleased now I have finished stitching all the blocks
A partridge in a pear tree is a favourite...and also

this one

This is my new WIR (aqua room)...the carpet is way darker in pic. All that has to be done now is shelving and hanging space one side, and on the other side shelving/cubes for my will be nice to have my clothes and shoes a bit more organized. Hubby has guessed that I would have about 20 pairs of shoes (so he can build the cube unit for shoes) I am now a bit scared to count my shoes as I am sure I have HEAPS more than that! lol!

Enjoy your weekend


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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Stool Make over

Just wanted to quickly share my recently made over stool given to me by my father...really wished I had a before pic, as it had rustly legs and a badly worn seat. I had plans to have it in my WIR for those hard to reach items on the top shelf, but not sure if it should be tucked away for and only me to see. I am really pleased how it turned out...even the kids were impressed to see the old stool transformed!

Now off to do some more bedroom painting!

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