Friday, September 28, 2012

Wishes DO come true...

Today I have a little story to share...a few weeks back ago on Facebook, Gail Pan had posted on her facebook page a recent purchase of a  hand pieced and handquilted double wedding ring quilt.  Of course I (liked) it straight away, and secretly wished I could find a simalar quilt. I did search ebay for such a quilt but with no luck!!

Back to today...I had to go down the coast today and pick up a few supplies and collect the boys from school, so I decided that I might call into the local op shop hoping to find a cane basket to put my chook eggs in and freshly picked flowers/vegies. And low and behold there was this handmade quilt all done up in a clear zippered bag for $10!!!! Oh my excitement!!! I quickly grabbed it for closer inspection and could see hand quilting. I am surprised now that I didn't jump up and down for joy,(just like a little kid) but I think that maybe the odd gasp or two might have escaped my lips!!lol!

Now after I arrived back home, I thought I would have a closer look at my new quilt, and removed it from it's clear bag, but something seemed very familiar about this quilt...

I decided to go back onto Gails post on her Facebook and have another look at her quilt

and it was such a surprise, on close inspection that mine looked identical to Gails...even the fabrics! I was thinking about the history of this quilt on my drive home, but now I know that there are 2 very much the same I am even more curious to know the history.

But what amazes me more is that I secretly wished for a quilt just like Gails and it came true!!!
Maybe the title of this post should have been Freaky Friday!!lol

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!!!

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Just a Quick Post

Things are going to be very quiet here on the sewing front for a little while, lots of secret sewing that can't be shared as yet, so you might have to put up with a few flower/garden pics in the next few weeks

I am so pleased to have my weeping cherry start to flower

And these flowers are still looking so pretty in my pink pedestal hand basin. It's not easy to pick the pink Proteas, as I have to climb the tree to pick the flowers now!lol! Yes I think we need to do some serious pruning!

I love this daisy

Not the clearest pic, but I am so pleased that my Bay tree survived after it's big move and is now happily flowering...I always pick the leaves for my pumpkin soup 

I did make a couple of Tilda birdies a couple of weeks back that took flight to blogging friend Susan (Thimblestitch)

Now the oven is beeping telling me the rice is ready to serve with my curry chicken!!

Bye For now!
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Springtime Symphony project...

Arrived back home today from Homespun magazine (In this months issue), so I thought I would take some pics


I love this fabric range...'Spring Magic' by Moda

Little Gypsy is growing so quickly, and was only able to hold this pose for a short time before she fell asleep!

and Jess is a little bit like me and camera shy!!!lol! They have been great gardening companions these last few weeks, although Jess runs a mile when I get the garden hose incase she gets a bath!lol!

Bye For Now!
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Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Little Bit Of...

reading happening here... a dehydrating book arrived on friday from the book depository


only a little bit of stiching on a Tilda project

some cooking for tonights tea which is everyones favourite 'chocoalte self saucing pudding'  

 and  steak on rosti with curry prawn sauce has been the best one I've made...maybe it was the sprinkling of corriander. Can you see my drizzled (slopped) sauce around the plate? Just like they do in the restaurants!lol!

I have however been doing HEAPS of gardening...everything has started to come to life, especially after the rain we have had the last couple of days!

I hope you get a chance to do something you enjoy too!
PS Has anyone been watching Gourmet Farmer? About a Sydney food critic Matthew Evans, that has moved here to Tassie and trying to make a living off the land on his farm here in Cygnet. Pretty much like  River Cottage. But I am loving it! I have only just watched one eposide on TV, but have been watching older episodes online.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Birthday...

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday with a very ralaxing day planting out my new herb garden (in the old truck tyre) and just generally pottering around the was so lovely!!!

This is the view of my new herb garden taken from in my sewing room...just to the right of this is my Weeping Cherry which is just about to burst into flower

How lovely is my new mug...can you see the little buttons and cute box it came in 

and my fabric which only just arrived in the post yesterday...Rosies Love Letters and French General Rouenneries Deux from Shabby Fabrics...they have some really good specials

When doing this photoshoot I grabbed one of my flowers that I had only made last week

But look how similar my flower (from a different fabric range) resembles the one in Rosies Love Letter fabric!!! I think I may have to come up with a pattern using the fabric and flower together!

You probably can't see the chair that my fabrics are sitting on, but it was an old timber high chair that I recently sanded and varnished with exterior varnish so I could but it out in the garden with a pot plant on it. But it really came up so well that I think I might have to re-think a use for it!

I hope you are all having a lovely week!
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Monday, September 17, 2012


We have been doing quite a bit of recycling lately...hubby turned the kids old swing set into the new chicken coop...and we used scraps of left over tin to clad it.
But my latest is this pink hand basin...I love it!! I have plans to put it in the vegie garden and have a little table next to it, but I have to admit I quite like it in the middle of my flower could also double as a bird bath. We also have a pink bath to match, which we will use in the vegie garden and plant some lettuce and rocket in.


I hope you are all having a great start to the week!

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wish I could have some sewing to show you, but all my spare time has been spent outdoors gardening and cleaning up the chook yard. I did mention in my last post that we were getting some more pullets, which we picked up on Friday on our way back from Hobart. After collecting our new additions I decided to google some information about chooks. We have had chooks for years, but after looking on the internet, I discovered  that alot of what I was doing was wrong, especially with their feeding.  I thought that they were allowed to eat everything! But I won't bore you with all that I have learnt...maybe if anyone is interested about some chook basics I could do a post later

This little garden angel was drawn some time back...I will have to see how she looks with needle and thread once I have the garden and chook yard all tidied!

Bye For Now
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Monday, September 10, 2012

One of the local vineyards in our area were selling their wine barrels, and at a pretty good price too. So after work last week we headed up the coast to collect one

This is our barrel just after we bought it home 

after a splash of stain

And here it is all ready to be used as an outdoor table

I love how the grain showed through once stained

I made some quiches yesterday and used some of my bottled tomatoes (from previous post)...they were so tasty!!

I have been doing lots of gardening this weekend...even the chook yard has had a clean up. We have 3 chooks and will be getting some more (Isa Brown) on Friday. I am sure they will be all given names to by miss 10!lol!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!
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Friday, September 7, 2012

Food Dehydrator

I have only just recently purchased a Food Dehydrator and tested out drying some tomatoes. I am so pleased how they turned out, especially seeing the tomatoes are green house grown and not the best quality this time of year. Next batch I will try some herbs

I think they would make a great gift

Do you have a food dehydrator?? Any tips or recipes are greatly appreciated!!!
Bye For Now

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