Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gorgeous morning here, so I had to do some snapping with my camera...

the beauty of a single rose

This is where I am going to go with my coffee after I finish this blog post
I have had Iris' in the garden now for a couple of years and this is the first time they have flowered

my little herb garden to the right has taken off

And always my little helper at my side

Enjoy your day!
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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I was lucky to be given this pitcher and plate yesterday and couldn't wait to fill it with flowers from the garden to see how it looked!


Very happy to have my Lilac flower this year...last year it was overcrowded and never flowered but thanks to hubby and his pruning we have flowers!!!

Enjoy your week!
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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Flowers and a new toy

How quickly these weeks seem to be passing and it's hard to believe it's been a week since I last posted...it only felt like a couple of days

a few flowers from my garden...so nice to have some roses start to open

we have been undecided over the last couple of years whether we should buy an expresso coffee machine...do you get the same barista quality of coffee at home as you do in the coffee shops???? And we love a good coffee here, so on Friday we took take the plunge and purchased a expresso coffee machine. And th results were amazing, and our flat whites were the same if not better than coffee shops!!!

so heres the new toy...with a built in coffee grinder. They do tell me that the secret to a good coffee is the freshly gound coffee

and tonight tea...peppered prawn steak with homemade chips. Can you tell we like a good steak here!lol!

Enjoy your weekend!
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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Another Love of mine...

is flower arranging using what I have in the garden


I hope you are enjoying your weekend!!

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Early morning snaps

Gorgeous morning here today, so I have been exploring the garden with the camera and my little gardening buddy Gypsy. Jess prefers to spend her time sleeping in the sun

up in the corner garden where we have hen house,vegie garden a fruit trees

hubby staking out where and how many tomatoes we can fit in

old lantern in the apple tree

And Gypsy in trouble again...

sorry for sneaking outside the gates and ignoring you when you called my name...and I know you were really embarrassed to have to carry me back inside the gates and i am sure that all the cars going down the main road didn't even see you in your bright pink dressing gown!!!  

Wisteria out in flower along the front of the carport

i have just been up to check on the chooks...they are doing fine and we have 2 eggs!

my little herb garden starting to take off

and Gypsy who thinks she might have a drink form the bird bath!!!

I hope you all have a lovely day!!

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Monday, October 8, 2012

How's a girl able to concentrate on all the crafty work that has to be done when I have my Weeping Cherry looking like this...I am forever gazing out the window!! Oh but it's so pretty and is even more flushed with a pink tinge this year

My banksia rose (behind weeping cherry) is coming out in flower and arching nicely over 'the cubby house'

standing under the weeping cherry for this shot tonight

my sewing room lit up in the background  

Now earlier this week this would of had a completely different view with a HUGE Pittosporum in the background...but I found myself a very handy pruning saw and have opened up the garden so much with all my sawing/pruning. Hubby and I had been discussing him building a wood fired oven, and where we had the pittosporum was the perfect spot for one...so after about an hour of my sawing our 4 metre tree was no longer! It was getting quite big for our small garden though!
But I am quite excited about a wood fired oven and it will complete our outdoor area nicely! I will show some progress pics as we go.

Bye For Now!
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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Do I or Don't I...

post about my baking or what happening in the garden??? Well I decided thats all I have to share for the moment. So on the baking front...

some Choc Chip cookies made in my Kitchen Aid mixer, no sifting of flour or hand mixing in the flour (dry ingredients), I let the KA do all the work!

And I have only recently discovered we have a native pepper shrub here in tassie with berries that once dried taste really nice in the grinder...so I have gone out and purchased my own plants so I can dry my own  peppers to grind. Male and Female (females in photo) plants are required to do this. Even the leaves can be added to cooking to add a peppery flavour! Will be adding one to my Pumpkin soup, along with my Bay leaf next time!!

What I am also keen to know is has anyone ground Wattle seeds to use in cooking??

I hope you are all enjoying your wekend!!!

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

In The Garden...

One thing I really enjoy is getting out in the garden and snapping some photos...these were taken early this morning.

I have spent alot of time outside trying to tidy up all the garden 

enjoying my weeping cherry that's starting to come out in flower...just hope the wind stays away!!

My little herb garden is in the red truck tyre

This little corner of our yard is where we have our vegie gardens, fruit trees,the red hen house, oh and our now vineyard...we have 3 grape vines!lol! I am also going to buy some Tasmanian native pepper plants for this area and hope to grind my own peppers.
Today I am going to tidy up our paved bbq area, alot of the plants in this area suffered from the heavy frosts we had, but most are starting to come back now!

Bye For now
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