Thursday, February 23, 2012

Knitted Cardigans...

I started my first Blythe knitted cardigan last weekend and it seemed to take forever to finish...I must be the slowest beginner knitter! Lol! Lots of trips to Mums to find out all the different knitting stitches...but I stuck with it and so pleased I did!

The little white cardi is my first and the blue one I finished next in one night. But wait there's more....

he he! Another one made a bit longer for a coat.

I think all our Blythe girls are now a bit warmer and can now brave the Tassie cooler weather!

Now I have to stock up on some more wool as I have a knitted hat to make next!

Bye For Now!

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Saturday, February 18, 2012


I haven't knitted since primary school age and have to admit that I didn't enjoy it back then and preferred to do crochet. I have recently found a few patterns that are knitted and have felt the need to have a go at knitting once again. So today after purchasing some needles I had a go. I am REALLY surprised that I remembered to cast on and knit plain and purl! It's only been 30 plus years too! Lol!

I hope all you skilled knitters out there arn't laughing at my efforts! Lol! I am really enjoying it so far.

Most of my time has been spent making little clothes. This is a little crochet cardi that I made up for my (our) Blythe girls

And then of course I had to make 3 in different colours.

I hope you all have a great weekend!


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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

On The Dolly shelf....

I have been wondering whether my blog readers would want to see all the Blythe clothes I have been making, and even if I should put them on my blog at all, but it's what has been happening in my life at the moment and I really do love making little clothes and dressing them up for a photoshoot.(Yep I am addicted to Blythes and making their clothes) What I will do in future is title all my Blythe clothes making posts with 'On The Dolly Shelf' you have a choice if you would like to see or not.
Todays makings was a little pink spot frock...I can remember having a dress in the same fabric in my early teens! Lol! The flared trousers are ones I cut up that belonged to my son and were beyond repair! I think he was quite amused when I told him that my doll was wearing his jeans! Lol! The floral top with the frill I made up using scraps on my cutting table.

I had kept a cord vest I made for the boys when they were cut up and made into a pair of cord flared trousers

As you can see the girls are getting quite a collection of clothes and I still have lots more I would like to make...jackets and cardi's next I think!

Now it's time to start making tonight tea!

Bye For Now

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Gracie Girl

Hi I'm miss 10, Mums letting me do a blog post to show you my new blythe doll friendly freckles, which I have named Grace. I'm very happy that my mum and dad got her for me :)

My Mum made this top and the jeans for my blythe doll thank you mum.

she has 15 freckles on her face.

This is Grace all ready for shopping.

By Miss 10 (Bec)

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Introducing Harmony and Grace...

Today was quite exciting for both me and Miss 10 as our girls arrived...all the way from Hong Kong in only a week. Miss 10 was only expecting one doll 'Bohemian Peace' but we decided to also surprise her with 'Friendly Freckles'. We have both decided to start a collection of Blythe dolls as we love them so much!

I was quite keen to try on all my crochet hats, dress and sewing to see if they fitted. Very pleased that they did! Just a few press studs to now sew on the dresses

I think that they have such beautiful faces! The photos below are all of my new girl (Bohemian Peace) now named Harmony. Miss 10 would like to take some pics of 'Friendly Freckles' now named Grace and share with you next time.

and how different they can look with different outfits on

Hubby made this dolls house shelf some years back and now I can finally put it to use...Harmony can sit on the shelf and watch me sew!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Week...

I received a text message from my brother in law...'would you like a rocking chair...needs some work' well I couldn't reply 'Yes please' quick enough! Lol! (A chap he works for was going to throw it out!)
I can picture a quilt draped over the back with a little stitched cushion on the seat. I have always wanted a rocking chair and this one will look perfect on the verandah outside my sewing room

This little vintage find from a local market stall...lace and a little jar filled with buttons and for only $5 too!

Miss 10 has decided that she would like to keep her blythe doll (when she arrives) on the book shelf in my sewing room (as a temporary doll house), so rather than paint the inside of the shelves I decided to cover cardboard with some pretty fabric and place at the back. The fabric has only been pinned and taped to the cardboard and can easily be replaced at any time. I quite like the look and will eventually do it to each shelf back

It also makes a pretty back drop for photo shoots! Lol! This little lot is what I have made the last couple of days...a newsboy crochet hat and slouch hat, a crochet dress and 3 little floral dresses.

Now it's time to organize tonight tea!

Bye For Now

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