Thursday, March 31, 2011

Picture Playing!

I am now able to upload images via blogger, but had to go into settings and revert back to posting in old editor to do it. Would much prefer to be able to do it through Picasa as it's so much quicker and I can do more with the photos (make Bigger and upload more than 4 pics at a time) A picture from the sewing room. the little girl is so sweet and dances when you touch her!
From the sewing room deck. Not alot in flower at the moment...only the red salvia which has been in flower for months!! The cubby house in the background where I once did my folkart painting... as you can see the door badly in need of a re coat!
Red Bottle brush 'Captain Cook' also just off the deck, only a few flowers left for the birds to enjoy!

By For Now


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Flower Garden....

Another little stitchery completed 'Flower Garden' So many butterflies in the garden at the moment, which I had to include. I don't need to look far for inspiration when they practically bump into the window! Lol! Also my little family of wrens have come back to visit the garden and have another wren design to stitch! Need few more hours in the day to get everything done!!

I hope you are all having a great week!!

Edit...Blogger still having photo uploading issues , so this is the best I can do until I can do it my usual way through Picasa.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Hopefully I have pictures!!!

Hopefully after the MANY attempts of posting pictures, they have actually appeared...if not I will probably be swearing profusely!!! Lol!

Not sure if my little block keeper was worth all this stress! I have recycled a cardboard box for inside front and back cover to give a bit more support.

A little inside pocket as I love pockets!!!

Just the right size for my Tis The Season blocks

And some simple stitches for the front and the reason why I'm calling this one Simple Stitches block keeper!


Picture loading problems!!!

Apologies to those people that have visited my blog to see my Simple Stitching block keeper, to find it's not there! My pictures are not appearing on my post, all I get instead of a picture is a little box with a red cross! It's so frustrating, I usually do a post through picasa and have tried emailing pics and also uploading the slow way through blogger, and still no pics!  It's the same for my other blog Cubby House Gardens. Not sure what else I can do and just hope it fixes itself!!!


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Owl Stitching!

Can you remember the masked owl that visited my garden and let me take some snapshots? Well, I have finally got around to doing a little stitchery. I knew that my visitor was a female as they are bigger than the I tried to make her as girlie as I could!

The men folk have gone off camping for the night so I hope to put in a few hours in the sewing room.

Bye For Now

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Nothing like a little fabric purchase to lift ones spirits! I have found that my stash is lacking in BRIGHT cheery fabrics so had to rectify this with a little trip to Annies Cottage Crafts...a lovely craft shop about 1 1/2 hours drive from where I live.

So many ideas were coming to mind for these fabrics on the trip home
Some cute scissors!
And this fabric (under the scissors) with the could I resist!!
A copy of Vignette and red and white fabrics arrived in the post yesterday.

Time to go and get Tea ready for the family but all I want to do is play with fabric! Lol!

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Pekinese Stitch...

A few ladies wanted to know what Pekinese stitch was from my previous post, so I am showing you a couple of things that I have done in Pekinese and how to do it at the end. Christine Book was the first designer to show me this stitch.

Little cushion stitched in Pekinese. Sometimes I substitute chain stitch for Pekinese
The outline of the coffee cup has been done in Pekinese to make it stand out more.
Just click on pic for a closer look.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bunny Stitching Finished!

Had a late one, or I really should say an early one, stitching my 'Fluffy' bunny stitchery. This little stitchery came about from a little bunny that would visit my garden and eat my flowers!

Still unsure whether I should have the bunnies body in pekinese stitch to make it stand out a bit more.

Enjoy your day!

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Drawing and play dough....

I have had out one of my bunny drawings, as it seemed appropriate seeing Easter is fast approaching

going to have a play with giving him a fluffy tail...hope it works!
Miss 9 plays with play dough all the time and is always creating...this is what she created after seeing my drawing, a cute little bunny!
The last of my roses, 'Peace'
And the not so thats one big sting!

Enjoy your weekend!

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Friday, March 18, 2011

First 3 Tis The Season stitcheries completed!

Three little stitcheries completed for March stitch-a-long Tis The Season, and finished ahead of time, which is always good. I really enjoy stitching these designs as they are so cute!

I hope you find some stitching or sewing time this weekend!

I'm just about to head to the sewing room and stitch...might have to put on a little Shania Twain to sing along pleased no one can hear me! Lol!

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Warning picture Heavy Post...thanku Bev!

Blogland is an amazing place, so many kind people willing to help. Bev is one of those ladies, who sent me an email explaining how I can send more than 4 pics to blogger in picasa. Thankyou so much Bev!!

I have had a couple of ladies ask me for close ups of my journals and a cushion that they had seen in my previous sewing room post. The first journal is the second one I made, with no scrapbooking experience but had a wonderful Leanne Beasley DVD to follow that was put out by Homespun Magazine.
My first journal...I took it to all the stitchery days I went to and have had designers like Leanne Beasley, Anni Downs, Christine Book and Lynette Anderson sign my pages.
My 2009 25 Days of Christmas that still needs to be finished!

One of the pages in 25 days Christmas Journal
This is a close up of my spider web cushion for Mandy (Set as no-reply) One of my first designs
back in my sewing room I had a very special quilt to hang...from Chooky's SSCS made by Ranette...a very talented quilter! I think it looks gorgeous hanging on my wall!

Are you wishing I could only upload 4 pics now? LOL! And last of all I have hung my design wall...with just a few little quilts to make sure they will stay there!

Bye for now

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Drawings and more sewing room pics!

One thing that I have been itching to do is some more drawings....

Inspiration right outside my window....with butterflies, bees and snails enjoying the Cosmos
This little corner to sit and stitch or for the occasional nanny nap (which I did do this arvo) Lol! The crochet rug on the back of the couch I did when I was primary school age. And of course my Gardeners Journal on the wall.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend

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My Sewing Room....

After the carpet layer finished yesterday morning, and  a vacuum ,I started to move into my new sewing room. It was quite fun working out where things should go. Once I started going through all the things I have made I realised that I make way too much stuff! Lol!

Pic taken from the door leading onto deck. my daughter even has a little spot where she can sew!
This is my main sewing big husky, I also have a big Jan that has semi retired to only quilting.
The quilt on the Ironing board still yet to hang on wall

We did have plans to all go camping this long weekend, but our youngest ate something yesterday that didn't seem to agree with her so I have stayed home with her while only the fellas went. Not that I mind as I get to play in my new room! Lol!

Picasa only allows me to upload 4 pics at a time so I will be back later with some more pics....have to show my Gardeners Journal!

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