Saturday, June 30, 2012

Flower arranging....

Something I have always wanted to learn is flower arranging. My efforts in the past have been quite pathetic with just popping a few flowers in a vase! Today I looked into an online flower arranging course but they cost thousands! I did find a youtube video covering the basics on flower I ventured out into the garden and gathered what flowers I could find(which wasn't much this time of year) and with what knowledge I had obtained on youtube I gave it a go!

The 4 steps they said to do were...

1. Add Greenery first

2. Add Structrual Flowers

3. Add filler flowers...try and balance all the way around the vase

4. Add spilling flowers around bottom

Do you have any tips or tricks for flower arranging? I would love to hear any feedback!!

I am now even more eager than ever for my garden to spring to life so I can practice some!!

Bye For Now


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Friday, June 29, 2012

Stitch a book progress...

Okay, now it's confession time!

You have seen on my previous posts some of my work for my stitch a book online workshop with Kim Archer and Mardi Winen, but what I didn't tell you is that the books these ladies designed were interactive fabric books for babies/ learning books! I don't have anyone to make a book for in that age group, but I instantly fell in love with both their designs in the book and wanted to make one for myself! Maybe it's my inner child! Lol! So I adapted both their idea's to make a book for me! A stitchers book! This is the third and last week in the course, so it's not yet this is what I have done this week...

Kims pretty flowers...

I quite like the look of them with a small crochet motif...but still not sure if I will add a motif

The ribbon sun I have added a pocket to the front and is where I can keep my scissors, needles etc.

A little turtle design I made up for inside front pocket

The little houses I added some ribbon to hold my I know where my sewing room keys are!!

Inside back pocket...a little bee design I made up

Ribbon sun (again!) But I just love it! And I think that Manda's owl pins look adorable in it! I have also made a scallop edged pocket (underneath) which I will show next time...already very pic heavy!

Mardi's very clever little hand bag, holds my crafty business cards

Next time I will hopefully have a finished book to show!

Bye For Now


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Saturday, June 23, 2012

A lovely weekend in the sewing room...

I have spent a lovely time this weekend in my sewing room stitching my stitch a book (as mentioned in my previous post) The stitch a book online workshop runs for 3 weeks, and we are now into the second week. I am loving this workshop so much!!! I have used designs from both Mardi and Kims books in my book..and today added my own little design on pockets for the inside pages (a turtle and bee) but will show pics of these next time!
How cute are these butterflies?? My flowers arn't included in the book but were just used to prop the butterfly up for better pic.
The owl on the front cover is so you can see how I was unable to resist signing up for this online class! Mardi and Kim are so clever and have put together the most beautiful fabric books!
I didn't spend all my time in the sewing room...I did (reluctantly) come out for meals and to make this Carrot Cake...
It really is the yummiest Carrot Cake I have ever made! The recipe is in New Ideas Masterclass cookbook (found out local Newsagency), which has some other recipes I am also keen to make.
Enjoy your week!
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Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Week...

Not alot of sewing happening here this week...only a few new flowers created

This is pretty much my crafting for the week...a couple of books arriving in the post, and a couple more purchased in Launceston

But I am very excited about my fabric purchases from Spotlight yesterday...for a stitch a book on- line work shop that I have joined. The teachers are Mardi Winen and Kim Archer and they have designed two totally different books but are both equally gorgeous! I did buy more fabric than required but I couldn't resist, it was all so pretty...and even better they were having a sale too!

My new flowers with rose-like centres

Hoping to have more to share next time!


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Monday, June 11, 2012

The Simple Things in Life are often the Best!

One simple, easy to make flower can have so many uses

Centre of a pincushion

I am sure it would look lovely attached to a parcel for a gift...even wrapped around a jar filled with buttons

I was going to experiment further, but I am happy how they turned out and maybe make just make a few in different sizes!

Enjoy your week!


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Friday, June 8, 2012

This is what I Love...

Sitting down of an evening with needle and thread and playing with a new stitch, and creating this...a little flower! It's quite funny how one thing can lead to another....

Not only do I love creating, but I also love putting together the much fun! I was lucky to have the dark pink and yellow rose still flowering in my garden. Now I need to know what the flower will look like with some pretty floral fabric....might have to do some more playing tonight!

Enjoy your weekend!


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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Worked out my posting problem!

I hate it when things don't work out as they usually I have been having a play on my other blog to try and fix my posting problem from today. I have found if I save my pics to draft and then write in my text there, it works!

I think that the quality of photo is better sent via Picasa rather than uploading via blogger!

The weather here has turned really cold, a really cold start to Winter! I am wishing for Spring!

Bye For Now


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Sorry if you have tried to visit to see a new post today only to find one not there...I have been having heaps of trouble with blogger. I keep having an error coming up when I post saying...error occured with script on this page. This is post attempt no. 5! So fingers crossed this has finally worked uploading through blogger instead of Picasa.
I have been stitching 'Shirley's Garden' of an evening, I enjoy seeing my drawings come to life with needle and thread. But I admit to stressing over thread colour choice and have had to unpick a few times!
I was quite excited to receive Anni Downs' new book in the post really is a gorgeous book!

I hope you are all having a great week!


Friday, June 1, 2012

Girls weekend and Good News...

We headed off to Hobart (about 1 1/2 hours drive) for our sons appointment to have all his (43) staples removed and to get the results on his tumour. He really has recovered so quickly from his surgery which was only a fortnight ago. The doctors told us years ago that the tumour was benine but they still sent a bone sample off to the lab to be tested just to make sure... and it was such a relief to hear that it wasn't anything nasty and just an osteocondroma (bone growth). He did however get in trouble by the doctors when we told them he was using his arm quite a bit...hopefully now he will listen to what we have been telling him and rest it so it's to go back in a sling for a while!
When we arrived home from the big smoke the hubby and both boys headed off to our caravan for a couple of it's only me and miss 10 for a couple of nights. We have a movie night planned with popcorn (stiching for me) maybe a bit of music and some dancing lol! you know all that girly stuff!

I have caught up on my SKoW and have even got in front by doing some towards my June and July blocks!

I did go into a fabric store after our sons appointment with the intent to buy a few fat quarters...just to celebrate lol! It had been a few years since I had been in this store but I was a bit shocked to find their fat quarters were $7.50! I am sure that the last time I purchased fat quarters form another craft shop they were only $5.50-$6.00. Have they increased alot in price???? So I came home without any fabric :(

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


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