Monday, June 28, 2010

All My favourites!

Nothing on TV tonight, so decided to look at some old garden pictures and found a few of my favourites.
This Saturday I'm off to Evandale for a stitching day with Marg Lowe, Libby Richardson and Rhonda Leith...looking forward to it!

Enjoy your week

Lisa ʚϊɞ


Shirley said...

They are beautiful flowers Lisa, have you tried designing a few stitcheries of your own using your lovely flower photo's? Have fun at the stitching day.

Cardygirl said...

Great pics...have a wonderful weekend!

Sue-Anne said...

Gorgeous flowers Lisa! Makes me wish for Spring to see all the new blooms come to life.
Have fun at the Evandale weekend and say "Hello" to Marg for me.

Thimbelina said...

Beautiful photographs!
Have a great weekend away :)