Thursday, June 3, 2010

Doily Bird

Rosalie Quinlans Doily Bird is definately a nice easy one to do. Its from her 'A Stitch in time' book. The Garden arch embroidery, was also on the same doiley I used yesterday, of the Crinoline Lady, but unfortunately I couldn't cut this one, without showing the stain...but it gives it more the vintage look I think!
The postie delivered my quilting stand and frame today. This one flips and rotates fully...can't wait to try it out...but just have to make a quilt first! lol!

Have a great week


Shirley said...

Have been thinking of buying that book. The doily bird looks lovely. Again, great use of recycling old fabric.

Anonymous said...

The bird is very cute and have fun hand quilting


Sweet Cinnamon Stitches said...

Very cute birdy.

Anita said...

Hi Lisa, I just love the cute bird and oh there's a good reason to make another quilt....have to try out the new frame. You can't just leave it there, what a waste of money! lol. Kind regards, Anita.

Unknown said...

What a pretty bird in your garden !