Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One More!

Not as cold here this morning, so I was very brave and went out early (in p/j's)lol! to take a pic of the latest project...large covered notebook. All the projects that I have made from the Anni Downs book, I used blanket stitch on the machine, instead of needleturn... I just find it quicker and easier.
Only have the large purse to make from the book, then I can move back onto Gardeners Journal and Life is Beautiful...well thats the plan!
Enjoy your week and keep warm!
Lisa ʚϊɞ


Janice said...

This is gorgeous, like all the others. I love your fabric selections.

Elyte said...

I am still waiting for my book to arrive. Love seeing how you are bringing the projects to life. You have so many fabrics that sit in my stash. I have the one in today's project - one of my internet specials from the US from a few years ago.

Jo in TAS said...

Wow, you've whipped out those projects so quickly!

Tatkis said...

Your notebook cover looks so sweet! I like colors very much!

Best wishes,

Leisa said...

Just beautiful! I have just visited the lovely Hatched and Patched shop while on a driving holiday and the newest book was my little splurge. I am looking forward to making the beautiful projects. I bought a kit to make the bag - the most beautiful linen fabric!! I so enjoy your blog!