Friday, September 7, 2012

Food Dehydrator

I have only just recently purchased a Food Dehydrator and tested out drying some tomatoes. I am so pleased how they turned out, especially seeing the tomatoes are green house grown and not the best quality this time of year. Next batch I will try some herbs

I think they would make a great gift

Do you have a food dehydrator?? Any tips or recipes are greatly appreciated!!!
Bye For Now

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Jeanette said...

I have that exact same dehydrator. Great for doing banana's in. We also make jerky in it.

Anonymous said...

hi Lisa i have one but i had no sucess with the tomatoes,how did you do yours,i put mine in oil but once the jar is open and the rest go in the fridge the oil turns solid and goes hard,please let me know how you go as we all love dried tomatoes.xx

Sarah said...

I spy with my little eye.... a hexagon chochet project!!!!

Larissa said...

We have a very old one that we use fairly regularly ... Every year we get mangos by the box (many mango farms & friends who grow them here) and dehydrate a great many of them (we also cut them up and freeze them too :) LURVE our mangos!!! ... A cousin & her mum actually gets them by the 100kgs and spend weeks freezing and dehydrating them so they can have mangoes daily, year-round!!) ... We've also tried doing bananas; kiwifruit; considered grapes when they're cheap but they're always gone so quick we never have enough, lol; yes, tomatoes; and my sister has also made almond meal in there!!!

carole johnston said... is exactly the same as ours,we have done tomatoes in all different stages and semi dried is or favourite about 5/6 hours,and we have done garlic and onions,apples,rose petals and lavender for my sewing ...we just love it and still experimenting,i read the mango comment,i will definitely try them this season

Valspierssews said...

Your tomato jar looks lovely. My neighbor used to make apple slices with the skin on. They were delicious.

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

I've done apricots too. I use it more for the herbs though as they never go astray.

cottonreel said...

I don't think we have such things in England but then I live in the sticks and don't know what is happening half the time .
I love that emboidery at the top of the page , where would I find it .
Love reading the emails you send me .
As Sarah mentioned , nice hexies , pattern ?

Shirley said...

I'm English too and have never heard of one. What is it?