Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lots happening here, my lap top has arrived back from being fixed, had two trips away so I am hoping that posting will be a bit more frequent now:)
 and so pleased i can now write under the photo! lol. I have been baking up a storm and putting my new oven and cooktop to the test. Must admit that the induction cooktop took a bit of getting used to, but I love it now

Its been really cold here and perfect pumpkin soup weather 
And lastly a recently finished crochet project
I hope that where ever you are that you are keeping warm!
Bye For Now


Shirley said...

Lots of lovely goodness. The pumpkin soup looks delicious.

Deb R said...

Just the weather for cooking and baking, loving your crochet!

Susan said...

Perfect weather for soup and stitching. Love your crochet projects.

Anonymous said...

it will be great to hear from you more often,love you posts Lisa and you are going great guns with your crocheting,well done.xx

Tatkis said...

Love the last photo :)


Wendy said...

It all looks beautiful, pumpkin soup is always a favourite here!

Anonymous said...

Yum to all on this page Lisa :)

Joy McD said...

I love your hexie crochet!! I'd love to try one,although my crochet skills are pretty basic! Is the pattern online or did you make it up yourself? xxx

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