Monday, May 24, 2010

Hand Quilting...Giving it a go!

Decided I shouldn't give up on handquilting, I know that it would take no time to quilt on the machine, but the effects not the same, especially seeing the little quilts are from Prairie Children and Their Quilts book...its will give them the more traditional look!
This time, I have looked into what I need, and my parcel arrived in the post for a quilting hoop, needles and I'm all set! I am enjoying stitching for my Gardeners Journal...this one is my favouite so far. I have used Pekinese in the bigger stitcheries, to make a part stand out under the pots.
The beauty of this stitch is that you do backstitch first, and then stitch back over it (see pic) So any part you want to stand out, can easily be done at the end. (click on pic to enlarge it)



Shirley said...

Well done Lisa on not giving up on the hand quilting. Remember to keep that fabric fairly loose in your quilting hoop, it doesn't need to be drum tight like embroidery. Aim for your stitches to be even, it doesn't matter on their size just so long as they are the same length. Tiny stitches come with practice. Relax and take your time. Practice makes perfect.
Good luck

Cardygirl said...

I love playing with stitches too...adds fun & texture.

Sweet Cinnamon Stitches said...

Your stitching up a storm around there...Nice work.

Sandra Henderson said...

Lovely quilt! Enjoy the process. I'm still practicing and learning. I think it's like learning to play the piano, at some point, it's just practice, repetition,etc. LOVELY quilt! I see some Judie Rothermel fabrics, VERY nice! :)

Kylie said...

Lisa where did you get your quilting hoop from? xxx Kylie

Aunty said...

What beautiful fabrics. I've never done any hand quilting. Always machine quilt my quilts.

Sarah said...

Love that quilt in the hoop Lisa! If you are going to have a go at the Thimble Lady's tecnique, you must have it loose in the hoop.
x Sarah