Thursday, October 29, 2009

Snowman finished!

I finished the little snowman from the Tilda book today. They are such easy, fun projects and am just loving this book! Still haven't got any berries for the wreath...will have to put it on my list to buy! The Quilted Crow Gathering at Campania (with Leanne and Rosie)is fast approaching! Three of our five family members have been sick with a bug thats going round at the moment, so I'm trying to avoid catching that! I just CAN'T get sick on Saturday!


Teresa said...

Oh he is so cute... I have that material you've used for a're not surprised are you??? I have some berries if you want.. email me and I'll send them over. Have fun on Saturday xx

Sarah said...

You after Pip Berries Lisa? I may have some... I shall check and if I do I shall bring them to Campania!
LOVE that book myself! Just got some in stock (will upload them on the weekend!).
I am looking forward to Campania too, cya then xx
x Sarah
PS: NO you cant get sick, stay away from them! lol

Cardygirl said...

Love cute! I often use seed beads if the item is small as they are a little finer.

Bev C said...

Oh he is just so cute.Have fun at your sewing day. I hope you manage to get lots done.I do like the stitchery in the background.

antique quilter said...

love your header stitchery, having 2 DD's perfect for our home too!
oh just love your little snowman , he is just adorable!